The Top Ten Coolest Hotel Suites on Planet Earth ::

If money were no object and you had all the time in the world, where would you choose to spend a luxury week at one of the world’s most expensive hotel suites? It could be the most extravagant. Perhaps, it’s the one with the most breathtaking scenery. Maybe it’s a celeb hot spot. Or it’s so far out, it’s radically in.

This list from displays an amazing range of rooms, rates and almost ridiculous luxury with a capital L. It includes:
1) The Over-Water Bungalows at Le Meridien, Bora Bora
2) Playboy Sky Villa Suite, Las Vegas
3) The Ice Hotel’s Fireplace Suites, Quebec
4) The Presidential Bungalow Suite at The Beverly Hills Hotel, California
5) Beckham Creek Cave Haven, Jasper
6) The Nautilus Undersea Suite at The Poseidon Resort, Fiji, and four others that are equally spectacular.

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By Gil Zeimer, Vagablond Lead Writer/Editor

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