The ABCs of W’s XYZ Hotels

If you’ve ever seen or stayed at a Starwood W Hotel, you know how hip it is for business travellers. Now, a new brand –– currently referred by the hotel’s creators as “Project XYZ” –– will deliver a new level of select service. Supposedly, XYZ will create a new category leveraging its W lineage and deliver a unique lifestyle experience which has been historically absent at this end of the hotel spectrum.

So check this out… Each new hotel will feature between 90-180 loft-like guest rooms designed more like a downtown dwelling that one might see in a high-end shelter magazine. And XYZ’s public spaces will be designed to draw the guests from their rooms to the lobbies with social activities, such as Commons spaces that feature water and fire, a destination lounge, and a conversation pit called “The Pit Stop”, plus a 24-hour kitchen area with healthy and savory fare for late arrivers or midnight snackers.

Ross Klein, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for W Hotels Worldwide, says, “We’re taking a fresh look at an old and tired model, and creating something new and exciting, a total challenge to the status quo. XYZ is the first authentic reinvention of on the road hospitality in 75 years. Honoring the romance that was once associated with car travel, we will deliver a roadside oasis that doesn’t exist today… executed with the spin of W heritage.”

But don’t make your reservations just yet. The first “XYZ” Hotels aren’t scheduled to open until 2007 and more than 500 will be up by 2015.

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