Taste a Slice of Iggy’s

Did you know that Iggy’s was originally a laundry room in Singapore’s Regent Hotel? However, you cannot make this out at all, when you look at the dimly lit restaurant. Iggy’s does not boast of the fact that it has received the Best Restaurant in Asia award.

Even if does not show its pride, this Asian restaurant surely deserved the award. If you are fond of a Japanese-style setting then this is the right place with its amazing use of granite and pinewood. It will be a real gastronomic experience to visit this restaurant. Ignatius Chan is the man behind the restaurant and he was originally French-trained sommelier. He started Iggy’s four years ago. That is his story. So now, you know why the restaurant is named Iggy’s.

The fare that you can sample here is always wonderful. You will not find shocking recipes. That is for sure. You will love this restaurant, if you like cozy places. Discover more about the restaurant here.

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