It’s All About YouBar!

The same concept behind “Having It Your Way” at Burger King has taken the healthy high road when put in the hands of YouBar family.

The brilliant twist here is :
You decide what you want/need in a health bar.
You choose the ingredients.
You name the bar.

YouBar was developed by Ava, a very active belly dancing teacher (who wanted plenty of protein but low-sugar to keep her going) and her son Anthony, a marathon-running athlete, who needed high carbs and no milk products. (He’s allergic.) Although there was a plethora of energy bars out on the market, this picky duo was finding it more and more difficult to get the exact nutrition, power, and most importantly, the taste they wanted in a commercial bar. This one would be too sweet, or too high-carb, or that one would have the wrong kind of protein, or have too many nuts or not enough nuts, or….. So they headed to the kitchen and started making their own bars to fit their individual needs. Soon their friends and family were clamoring for their own bars and Voila! YouBar was born.

The website is completely user-friendly and guides you through the simple process of creating your own delicious energy bar, and then will keep your recipe on file for re-orders. If things have changed and you’re in the need of a few more vitamins or fiber- no prob, easy change-over.

You start by picking your base (sesame butter, peanut butter, or if you’re in a slightly more exotic mood how about cashew/macadamia butter?) and up to three protein powders (whey, soy, egg white); then, choose from a sprinkling of nuts, seeds, ( from toasted edamame to chocolate chips) and dried fruits/berries. Next, add grains, sweeteners (honey, molasses, brown sugar), and seasonings before topping off with extra shots like “vitamin”, “fiber”, or “femme”. If so inclined, you can even find out the approximate calorie count of your bar.
Come up with a catchy name and there you have it.

If you want assistance with your recipe or naming ideas, just give them a shout at:
email: [email protected]
toll-free phone number: 866.682.2771

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