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Table Hopping Gains Popularity

On my ever growing list of places to travel and things to do is to dedicate an entire trip to culinary learning. This type of culinary crawl described by Marcel Stillekens, co-owner of EuroBookings.com sounds right up my alley.

A growing trend among travelers of hopping from city to city in search of exquisite tastes. The trend, often referred to as ‘table hopping’, is growing in popularity with travelers in search of the finest culinary experiences in the world.

From a EuroBookings.com press release:
“Food is one of the most intimate ways to truly experience a region’s culture. We have seen an increasing number of people traveling specifically for table hopping adventures. These are very trendy travelers that follow the Michelin Guide stars to the most exquisite tastes of Europe,�? says Stillekens

Another popular form of travel is also based around food. Cooking school holidays in trendy cities throughout Italy, France, and Spain have attracted a growing amount of interest over the past 18 months. Cooking school tours allow guests to shop at local markets for fresh ingredients, enjoy fine wines with kindred spirits, and partake in the experience of creating mouth-watering meals with like-minded fellow travelers.

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