Experience Royalty at the Princess Suite in Terre Resort


Located in the exotic Palmeraie Desert setting of the gorgeous Marrakech city, Terre Resort & Spa offers an amazing fusion of old and new in everything starting from architecture to decoration and cuisine to reflect the tradition and culture of Morocco.

The octagonal design of this fortress resembling resort houses 60 highly luxurious suites in 18 villas scattered all over the resort premises.

The guests are pampered with all the present day luxury amenities and the Moorish hospitality behind the grand gateway which opens to the marvelous resort courtyard.

There is an array of options while choosing the perfect accommodation in this haven.

The romance Villa has two Romance Suites each having a master bedroom and covering an area of 65 sq. m.

The outdoor dining area in the terrace opens out to the beautiful private Ramada garden. However, the ultimate destination of luxury and elegancy is well defined in the extra large and spacious Princess Suite covering over 95 sq. m. mainly designed and decorated for the couples.

It has a large master bedroom and the bathroom is provided with an oversized tub.

Via www.terre-resort-spa-marrakech.com

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