Living Large in A to Z :: Akrotiri, Zakynthos

The Bozonos Luxury Villa has a wonderful location, called Akrotiri, on a hill over the city of Zakynthos, Greece. The natural beauty of the landscape is perfectly harmonized with the exceptional high-standard hospitality in a place as familiar as home, (though my home certainly isn’t 435 sq.m. on a 1600 sq.m property.)
With respect to the special architecture of the island, the villa is decorated with elegant antiques, Venetian 19th-century furniture, gravures and furniture of every-day use that combine delicate luxury and modern style. Each veranda provides magnificent views to the Ionian Sea Cephalonia, Peloponnese, mainland Greece (Sterea Ellada) and the wonderful colors of the island.
The villa is surrounded by many Mediterranean trees, flower-beds and beautiful scents. At the corner of the garden, there is a swimming pool for moments of coolness and relaxation.
This four bedroom home retains many architectural features from the old manors of Zakynthos and has been constructed with the best materials, with exceptional concern to the detail and a unique combination of colours, style and design.
It’s located 2.5 km away from the city of Zakynthos, 500 m from the sea and about 5 km from the airport, Zakynthos’ Venetian castle is within walking distance along with the manor of the national Greek poet, Dionisios Solomos, at Stranis Hill, where Solomos composed the Hellenic National Anthem.

Bozonos Luxury Villa
Akrotiri, Zakynthos, Greece
4 br, 3 ba(2 Ensuite), Pool


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