Sushi Kaji Welcomes You for a Grand Dining In Toronto (Part I)


Your trip to Toronto is incomplete without a savoring experience at Sushi Kaji, which is rated as the world’s 6th most expensive restaurant.

Bringing the exotic gourmet dishes at your fingertips is what makes Sushi Kaji a preferred choice for numerous foodies. The international repute of Sushi Kaji adds to the excitement of the tourists who want to try out new and different delicacies of the Japanese origin. To find yourself a table at Sushi Kaji you just have to have a great appetite and be able to cash out $109.

This Japanese restaurant is popular primarily for the wide variety of food items it offers and you will surely find yourself engrossed in savoring the indigenous taste of Japan.

The special gourmet delights in Sushi Kaji includes barbecued eel, watermelon soup, strawberry and pickled cucumber and this is not the end there’s more to your dining experience with fried fluke blended with spicy tomato sauce.

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