Super Luxe Homes for $100 Million & Up

If you can afford to pay over $2 million in taxes per year, you can probably afford to buy Donald Trump’s 8,000 sq. ft. Palm Beach property, Maison l’Amitie, with nearly 500 feet of oceanfront, for a mere $125 million.

Or if you have more spare bucks in the change jar, you can spring for Saudi Prince Bandar’s 56,000 sq. ft. Hala Ranch residence on 95 acres in Aspen for just $135 million.

What? You want to buy something a bit less extravagant? How about Tranquility (its wine room is pictured here), with 38,000 sq. ft. on 210 acres from Joel Horowitz, Tommy Hilfiger’s co-founder, for only $100 million at Lake Tahoe.

These three American mansions are the country’s most expensive properties and the first to top the $100 million line. Shari Chase, a realtor in Lake Tahoe representing Tranquility, said “I think these three properties are really the Super Bowl of real estate.”

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Posted by Gil Zeimer on October 04, 2006 in Travel

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