Stuffed for the Holidays: Everything’s Packed for Thanksgiving Travel

My mother and brother’s family flew to NY yesterday from SFO after a 3+ hour delay because of mechanical problems on their Delta plane. Like them, mllions of Americans are hitting the road this week at airports, bus terminals, train stations and on the freeways.

Today is the busist travel day of the year. In fact, AAA estimats more than 37 million people will go somewhere, despite rain, snow, sleet, hail, or 70 degree weather here in sunny California. Read more at
Airport Travel Tips…
• Avoid wearing clothing that contains metal, because you’ll have to take it off before going through security. Remember: you’ll have to remove jackets anyway.
• Airlines generally recommend that you arrive at the airport two hours before your flight leaves. Allow extra time this weekend because of larger-than-normal crowds.
• Don’t bring wrapped presents because security officers will unwrap them.
• Though it’s not always required, the government recommends taking off your shoes at the checkpoint.
• Put your film in carry-on baggage because it will be damaged by the equipment that screens checked bags.
• Even before you get to the security line, take off your watch, your jewelry and your cell phone, take your keys and your change out of your pockets, check for pens and other loose items and put them all in your carry-on bag.
Via the Marin Independent Journal.

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