Summer Camp Isn’t Just for Kids

Now adults can also have fun in the sun. Camps targeting grown-ups offer opportunities to learn new skills in activities such as cooking, surfing and ballroom dancing. Many camps offer programs not just in the summer, but also throughout the year.

One such camp is All In Camp. In late March and early April, people paid $3,495 to attend All In Camp for four days. There they learned how to play poker with professionals, including Howard Lederer and Annie Dukes, who gave participants tips on how to improve their games. The happy campers also got to play in a $50,000 Texas Hold ’Em tournament.

Tennessee’s Nash Camp, “the Premier Camp for Acoustic Music,�? gives campers the opportunity to learn songwriting. Nash Camp also has bluegrass camps and a “Fall Banjo Retreat.�? Ocean Camp, located in Sonora, Mexico, is a marine ecology field station. Visitors to that camp can hike a desert oasis, learn to SCUBA dive, or study Spanish. If you want to learn a new sport or brush up on an old one, US Sports Camp runs adult tennis camps and golf schools.

The accommodations for these adult camps are nicer than the A-frame cabins and communal bathrooms you remember from childhood summer camps. All In Camp participants stayed at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Ocean Camp’s living quarters, exclusively for the camp, are a pair of four-story dorms. The double-occupancy rooms each have a full bath, and all rooms have views of the ocean and mountains. USSC’s golf schools are held at California’s Carmel Valley Ranch. Nash Camp’s Drouillard house has two elegant, formal dining rooms. Bedrooms are furnished with items such as antique armoires.

If you want to send yourself to camp, a list of adult camps can be found at

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