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3237178386_d75fccdd3c_m Meet Ryan O’Connell, a wine-loving matchmaker in the South of France. If you’re lucky enough to travel to the south of France or even if you’re just a wine lover from afar, you can benefit from visiting his new site: — a network of vineyards and winemaking facilities.  It works a little like Crushpad, which we wrote about here two years ago, except that Master Grape also incorporates grape growing into the experience, focuses on a European market rather than California, and tends to be a lot more about field trips and learning. 

Ryan says, “The way it works is a wine lover visits and fills out the free questionnaire with specific information to bring them as close to the vineyard and the winemaking experience as possible. These can include:
• What type of wine they want to make
• What language they want their winemaker to speak
• How often they can visit
• And so on. 

Then, Ryan sets them up with a winemaker in the south of France who would like to work with them on custom-designing their own personal micro-wine. 

With his new site,, he can hook you up with a fluent English-speaking winemaker who makes a killer Pinot. Or a Flemish winemaker with a thick and spicy Syrah. Or a French winemaker who only creates woody Chardonnays.

T: 33 (0)4 68 71 31 58

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