Shoe Fetish? Step Right In: Dal Co., Roma

If you have two feet and love shoes like nothing else, the Dal Co. shoe store in Roma is the place you should worship. The designer model shoes begin at €400 and go up, up, up. But here, you can pick out any shoe you like and Silvia will measure your feet, custom-fit it and mail you your unique pair in about three weeks.

“We have about 200 loyal customers who come back to us continuously because they believe in our work,�? says owner Silvia Dal, a Roman native. Her grandfather was Alberto Dal, a cousin of the popular Fontana Sisters who made gorgeous gowns and dresses for the well-to-do.

Dal Co.
A: Via Vittoria, 65, Rome
T: 06.678.6536 & 06.6994.0682
F: 06.678.6536
E: [email protected]
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  1. Cathy Russell says:

    I saved up $5ooo dollars to buy 2 pair of shoes….the sales person was such a ‘bitch’ she wouldn’t wait on us……so I spent my dollars in another store!

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