Girls Will Be Girls (Sort of): Asia SF, San Francisco

AsiaSF.jpg I’ve been to gay bars. I’ve seen transvestites entertain. But I’ve never seen anything quite like Asia SF, a SOMA bar and restaurant featuring “gender illusionists” — the scene of my twin David’s and my birthday bash last night.

The waiters are “girly men” — males who’ve had cosmetic surgery, breast implants and other nip/tucks so they look like gorgeous women — who entertain you by lip synching and dancing every 45 minutes on the oval shaped bar in the center of this hopping night spot.

The food is billed as three-star Cal-Asian cuisine; the signature cocktails are watered-down and cost $9-10; and the whole night costs much more than it should. But for what my wife calls “dinner and a show,” it’s live entertainment and well worth it.

A: 201 9th Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
T: 415.255.2742

3 Responses to Girls Will Be Girls (Sort of): Asia SF, San Francisco

  1. Ava says:

    Happy Birthday Gil

    Sounds like a fun night

  2. Gil Zeimer says:


    Thanks! When you come to SF, I’ve got to take you to this place! It’s a scream.


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