Drunken Rugby Story on US Airways Flight

Yesterday, a friend’s wife was on a crowded US Airways flight from Charlotte to SFO. She knew it would be a long, problematic journey when one of the attendants saw the rugby team from the Bay Area and said, “Oh no, not again!”

First, the A/C didn’t work on the back of the plane during a warm day in both cities. Second, the flight ran out of drinking water. And third, the rugby teammates were so obnoxiously drunk that the crew had to cut off serving liquor to all the passengers.

I have my own US Airways horror story on Christmas Day 2004 — a planned two-hour layover became a six-hour flight delay because of a sick-out by disgruntled crewmembers. Bottom line: my friend’s wife and my family will no longer fly this airline. Care to share a comment???

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