Scruffy North Park now offers some seriously good food, pt.1

Innovative chefs are turning scrappy North Park into “restaurant row.”

During the last decade there has been a major renaissance going on in the previously scruffy North Park area. This up and coming nabe is now filled with colorful galleries, eclectic boutiques, and the best eateries in San Diego.

Although North Park sprawls out north of Balboa Park and east of Hillcrest, it’s center is marked by a large sign in the middle of University Avenue near 30th Street, a hub for seriously good restaurants that feature local farm-fresh ingredients cooked by chefs that adhere to Slow Food principles.

Where to Eat

The Linkery
Named one of the best American “farm-to-table restaurants” in 2007 by Gourmet magazine, at the Linkery, they either make everything by hand, including various cured meats, freshly baked breads, house made mustard and sauerkraut, hand-spun ice cream, or are on a first name basis with the organic farmers or local manufactures they support. For example, their popular Pulled Pork Sandwich is made from happy, pastured, hormone free,100% Berkshire breed pigs that come from the Metzger Family Farm, so you know you are eating fresh, healthy and preservative free piggy.

Don’t miss: Their delicious home made link sausages which pair beautifully with one of their world-class craft beers. sauce, grilled red onions and then enclosed with a Jalapeno-cheddar roll. The sandwich is then lightly companioned by their tidewater coleslaw and house made pickles. The ingredients are fresh, healthy and free from additives and preservatives.


3794 30th St
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 255-8778

In the mood for some elevated put food?
Ritual Tavern
Oozing dark, cozy Old World pub charm, it’s not surprising that the Ritual Tavern offers a wide selection of lagers, ales and stouts from all over the world as well as 8 locals on tap at all times. What is rather unexpected is the high-caliber of “pub” food with definite slow-food leanings. The signature shepherd’s pie and fish and chips are made with the finest local ingredients. Even their burger gets special treatment, which you can read about on the menu. “All of our condiments: ketchup, mustard, pickles, hot sauce, coleslaw and french fries are prepared fresh, right here. It’s our daily ritual.”

Don’t miss: The Beer Cheesecake, a dense New York style cheese cake with nutty, yeasty caramel undertones supplied by the beer.

Ritual Tavern

4095 30th St
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 283-1618

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