Savor Your Favorite Delicacies the Mexican Style


Au Pied de Cochon located inside the Hotel Presidente InterContinental in Mexico is a real treat to be for the food lovers worldwide. Awesome French delicacies are the specialties of this restaurant.

It is a delight to taste the new creations of gastronomical delights each season as the variety of traditional dishes are transformed into new and improved soothers for the taste buds. The delectable Pig’s Trotter in Béarnaise Sauce is one of the specialties served in Au Pied de Cochon made yummier with French Fries or gormandized with Perigourdine Sauce including Vegetables.

The sea food delicacies include the Onion Soup, and the Burgundy Snails which is served with Shell with Butter and Parsley is a total delight to try for the foodies and gives a wonderful filling experience. The ones intending to give parties can also avail of the banquet facilities of Au Pied de Cochon. This is not the end of the variety of facilities which also features the private party facilities. So take a stride to the Au Pied de Cochon for a grand time spent with your family.

Via: Open table

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