Tom: Tuesday Dinner at New York – Enjoy Exclusive Fine Dining

Tom: Tuesday Dinner at New York is one of the priciest restaurants of US and across the world. If you are planning for an intimate and personalized meal, then this is the place for you to be in. this is an exclusive joint that will be open for just two Tuesday’s a month and serve meal to around 28 people. The place and the meal is organized and prepared by the host of Bravo’s Top Chef. He is also the man behind “Craft” restaurants at Manhattan.

Its innovative grilled stuffed squid in a squid-ink risotto made with cocoa nibs is just splendid. Chef and the owner Tom Colicchio was a young line chef and with this restaurant, he has made his dream come true. Artistry and innovation are the keywords for this restaurant with quality foods. For prix-fixe, it is expected to cost around $250 per person. Enjoy fine dining at a cozy and exclusive New York restaurant with a difference.


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