Pump It Up With Kettle Chips: Oregon

Oregon has always been on the cutting edge environment- ally. Now drivers in this progressive state can fuel up on renewable energy at the state’s first alternative fueling station.

This eco pit stop was built by Sequential Biofuels, an Oregon company with offices in Portland and Eugene. And get this! They recycled Kettle Foods’ cooking oil into biodiesel. So the next time you grab a handful of yummy Kettle Chips, your pleasure factor should increase knowing that you’re helping reduce our nation’s reliance on fossil fuels.

So how many chips does it take get your bug going? The recipe calls for approimxately 7,600 bags of Kettle™ brand potato chips to create one gallon of waste vegetable oil.

For more information about biodiesel and where to pump it up in your community, stop by the National Biodisel Board.

Posted by Sue Frause on September 16, 2006 in Food, Travel

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