Savor a Part of Paris with Astier


A holiday in Paris is something, which tourists and travelers commonly design before going on a sojourn around the world. Paris, the land of beauty, glamour and fashion has numerous excitements and enjoyments to offer to its tourists and one such specialty bearing the culture of Paris is the Astier. Being one of the most popular restaurants of Paris, Astier serves its guests with the best of the delicacies.

One might be amazed but Astier does not serve anything from a la carte menu, yet the sumptuous dishes are rated among the best items in the town of Jean-Pierre Timbaud, Republique in Paris. The tomato goat cheese tart is one of the special delicacies in Astier and the other delicacies adding to its fame and popularity are rabbit in mustard sauce blended with fresh tagliatelle, traditional blanquette de veau also known as veal stew.

You can pamper your sweet tooth with their smothering chocolate mousse cake or marquise au chocolat. In fact, you are in a cheesy mood then Astier is the place for you as they serve the most authentic cheese delicacies. It is a pricy yet a savoring experience in Astier.


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