Head for Seafood Restaurant in Harlem

If you wish to visit to Harlem, which is a district in Manhattan, then what would you do there? Most probably you would laze around and do some sightseeing, which tourists usually do. How about searching a new eatery? If you have some information with you before you visit the place then it will easier for you to relax and enjoy some of the best goodies in the place.

Harlem already has many eateries but you will discover the newest eating out option in the month of May when it will open its doors to gastronomes. Doris Wade, a native of Harlem is the owner of a pet shop in Manhattan named Posh Paws. The Real Estate Insider said that the owner of this shop had decided Doris also wanted to start a restaurant business. So if you are in Harlem in May then do not miss the new seafood restaurant named Questan’s.

Via traveler.fivestaralliance.com

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