Royal Feast With Lots of Beef :: Five Crowns, Corona del Mar, CA

My father-in-law requested we dine at Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar for his birthday, about 15 minutes south of his home. While Orange County was melting during a prolonged heat wave last week and it was a tepid 95 in Laguna Woods, it was a comfy and welcome 82 on the beach.

As a beautiful replica of an English country inn, Lawry’s Five Crowns has offered award-winning food, friendly service and unmistakable style since 1965. It’s recently added a sunlit greenhouse room on the side that’s part indoors and part outdoors. The restaurant now offers more organic salads and foods to catch the rising trend. Seafood is always popular, though the Salmon Blueberry sounded better than it tasted.

But the prime rib and steaks are still the main attraction. They’re always succulent and perfectly cooked.

The wine list at the Five Crowns is well balanced with California and European vintages.

The desserts were sublime, too, with an Ice Cream Sundae everyone’s favorite, though we loved the English Trifle and were torn between the Crème Brulee and the nightly Special Souffle.

Five Crowns
3801 E. Coast Highway
Corona del Mar, California 92625
T: 949.760-0331

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