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In a tightly packed, hockey puck sized bundle, comes a towel that is not only reusable, lightweight, fast drying and surprisingly durable but it’s also biodegradable. When I opened the Lightload Travel Towels package, it was so compressed that I felt like I was tearing apart chunks of cardboard it as I pulled and twisted it open. I thought for sure I was breaking it. Slowly, but surely, the material separated to expose a full sized, paper-thin towel.

Its smaller counterpart, the size of about six stacked fifty-cent pieces, pulled apart the same way and exposed an equally thin hand towel.

When it was time to test the towels, I had a backup handy, just in case this one didn’t work well. I certainly didn’t need it. Not only was I dry right away; it didn’t take long for the towel to dry, even in the torturously humid weather. Beyond its absorbency, I was a bit hesitant about how durable it would be as I twisted it around my wet hair. It held together fine and after several uses, the material still looks fairly new.

I gave the towels a run in the washer and dryer and they survived quite nicely. Though with their low average price of $5, they may as well be disposable. When I was repacking them, I couldn’t quite get it back into it’s hockey puck size for storage, but it still rewrapped quite compactly and was ready for all my travels.

It could even be used as a light blanket to sit on at a beach or park. Granted, you’ll probably want two; one for showers and one as the sandy blanket. Try as I may to find something bad about this product, I didn’t find anything.

They are available in numerous locations, including camping and sports stores. The smaller towels run approximately 3 for $5. You can visit their entertaining website for purchasing information.

Whether traveling or just taking a day at the beach, keep your load light and your mind at ease having these friendly little tokens around.

Photo by Jamie Rector.

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