Retractable, Rechargeable Earbuds For Phone or MP3 Players :: Trispecs Sunglasses

I’m not a big fan of those Bluetooth earphones that everyone and their brother wears for talking hands-free on the phone while in the car or walking down the street. But I would wear these Bluetooth-enabled Trispecs Sunglasses, which are a big hit at the January Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. They feature extendable earbuds at the ends of the sunglass arms.

So you can use one or both of the earbuds to talk on your mobile phone or to listen to music tracks on your MP3 player or iPod. Best of all, push a button and the earbuds retract like magic. Plus, the microphones near the hinges of the Trispecs offer great sound quality. One charge lasts five to seven hours.

The glasses will be available in a month or two for $199, well worth the price considering some Bluetooth earphones are $150 or more. Read more at

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