Rejuvinate Amidst the Splendid Se Spa :: San Diego

spa-studio-sutraMany spas promise a “getting away from it all” experience. Se Spa in San Diego, delivers on that promise.

I felt a wonderful energy as I walked into this full service hotel spa. Upon arrival I was given a welcome Soma shot and escorted to their private treatment room or the relaxation lounge.

A little 411 on the spa –

o Designed by Sharilyn Olson Rigdon, Design-Studio Limited, and conceptualized by Cary Collier, Blue Spa Inc., Sè SPA is designed to be completely three-dimensional.
o As guests enter the spa they are greeted by a custom piece of artwork from Jennifer Prichard installed directly onto Sè SPA’s backdrop wall. Prichard’s “Loop” teacup design encompasses hundreds of small and colored teacups intricately placed to create a harmonious flow.
o In the hallway of the spa, guests will find Raku artwork from Artist Joseph Conforti. Reflecting the spa’s Asian influences, Raku is a traditional Japanese technique for finishing ceramics. The beauty is in the uncontrolled creative process that results in a unique end product.
o The relaxation lounge in the spa features original arc windows that allow natural light to flood the space. The light is reflected off of pearlized tiles on the walls, giving the room a glistening effect.

The Amenities
o Food & beverage – Sè SPA will offer an entirely organic full-bar and dining menu, highlighting the spa’s special “Spatinis” and Blooming Tea Bar, where guests can sip on their choice of exotic and specialty teas.
o “Soma” shots – Upon arrival, guests will receive an exotic mixture of honey, pomegranate, and organic vodka (or without). My massage was at 1-am so a wee bit ealyr for booze. The virgin version was quite tasty.Based on ancient Indian tradition, Soma was considered to be the “wine of immortality”. In Indian mythology it was thought to be the giver of life, courage, long life, and virtue.
o Studio Sutra – Accommodating a series of treatments, this is the spa’s lavish suite featuring a Japanese infinity edge soaking tub, shower, flat screen television, lounge area and food and beverage service. Studio Sutra is an ideal place for couples or groups to enjoy a full day of relaxation.
o Relaxation Lounge – Offering Moroccan style chaise beds with light, sheer fabric separating the beds for privacy, guests can unwind before and after treatments in the lounge.

I experienced their signature swedish massage, which is a bit of a deeper massage styke then I’m used to. Olivia was my masseuse and she was petitte in nature, but had the hands and strength of a large male. I woke up with a kink in my neck and she work it out with her eppert technique. I would be lying if I said there was no wincing involved, but about 5 hours later by shoulder/neck area was as good as new.

Please stay tuned as I will have more to say regarding my very memorable stay at Se.

1047 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101, United States
(619) 515-3000

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