Baja Peninsula restores Mexican artistry in Palmilla Resort


Palmilla Resort, at the end of Baja Peninsula, is set in an awe-inspiring setting where the azure blue sea water kisses the feet of the mountains desert and the Sea of Cortez merges with the Pacific Ocean to enhance the natural touch of the pristine atmosphere. The distinctive Mexican artistry is redefined in the highly decorated havens of the hotel where the main decoration is done in wrought iron. The accommodations are set in an idyllic serene location where the fountains engulf the resort. The red tiled roofs of the havens look gorgeous set on the milky white walls and pillars of the rooms. The pristine atmosphere is swayed by the sweet natural aroma of the palm trees where birds find their true shelters and their chirping provides natural background music to soothe the ears of the guests. The tropical bloom of the area is the visual feast to all the guests here.


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