Pay a Premium Price for your Chicken


You cannot keep chicken at bay from food lovers. Whatever the price, the non-vegetarians cherish a variety of chicken cuisines available today. Though chicken is one of the most affordable meats, you can still shell a premium amount out of your pockets on some of the most expensive chickens available in the world.

Bresse chicken, available in France, is renowned for their amazing flavor and smooth flesh. It is one of the priciest chickens in the world. The Sussex chickens that come from Greenfire Farms are also amongst the costliest in the world. These chickens are used for laying eggs (produces as many as 250 eggs per year) and their meat. These chickens are bred in England and out of the eight varieties of Sussex chicken, only four are available in America. Greenfire Farms offer the Silver Sussex and the Coronation Sussex chicken at a price of $750 for a chick that is only six days old.


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