Chocoholic Culture: Max Brenner, New York

Want to read one more chocolate story today? Max Brenner is an Isreali chocolatier, entrepreneur, and founder of a global chain of restaurants and boutiques.

His mission? To create a “new chocolate culture.” His goal? To take the fantasy and emotion of chocolate, then translate it into a complete experience. His result? The first US boutique that just opened in New York’s Union Square.
His showcase? Innovative products including:
• “Magnet” –– an egg-shaped confection you can transfer during a kiss from mouth to mouth,
• Pure chocolate and fresh cream poured on-site into glass jars,
• The “Hug Mug” that warms your hands as you sip hot cocoa, and other indulgent menu items for chocoholics everywhere to enjoy, and much more.

T: +1 646 467 8810.

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