Pamper your Taste Buds with Yummy Burgers


If you wish to taste the most expensive burger, nothing can be a better choice than The Richard Nouveau Burger. It is a recent addition to the class of expensive burgers. At Wall Street Burger Shoppe in New York, you will get this fantastic burger at a retail price of $175. This highly priced burger is created with the intention to outdo a pricey burger offered by some other local eatery of that area.

This burger is made from 10 ounce of Kobe beef, topped with old Gruyere cheese and black truffle, wild mushrooms, foie gras and real golden flakes. Even the mayonnaise sauce that is specially prepared for this valuable burger also contains gold leaf and extra truffles. Like other costly burgers, this Nouveau Burger is also served with brioche buns. Do you think the burger is worth its price? The great chef, Kelvin O’ Connell offers you this wonderful burger along with mixed greens, tomato salad and Belgian-style fries.


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