Own the Rarest and Exquisite Bottle of Cognac


How about spending an evening with a glass filled with the most valuable brandy in the world? Henry IV Dudognon Heritage is very costly and is the latest entry to the world of beverages in the cognac category. Its alluring taste will entice you and make you crazy! You will have to shell out $1.9 million USD for this luxurious cognac bottle. This bottle is sure to rock a party and captivate the visitors with its tantalizing taste!

This exclusive cognac bottle is excellently embedded with handcrafted 24 carat gold crystals, sterling platinum and ornamented with brilliantly cut diamonds. If you have a distinctive eye for style and class, you are sure to get attracted to this classy bottle of brandy! The weight of this brandy bottle is 17.6 pounds containing 33 ounces of Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne. When you have completed the content of Henry IV Dudognon, its platinum bottle adds to your stunning collection of home décor.

Via: spiritsnotebook.blogspot.com

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One Comment

  1. Debauchee69 says:

    WTF?!!!! When I order a Pizza, I am ONLY concerned what the Pizza looks/tastes like—I couldn’t care less what the Pizza Delivery Box looks like—even if it had a signed, original Pablo Pacasso art work on top.

    I wouldn’t even consider tasting such mindless ‘Bling Bling’. We have a word for such undeserved averace “Tre Ghettoesque; Tre Amerique!!!”

    Right now, I am saving up to acquire one of the eight bottles of Hotel Ritz (Paris) Cognacs that were hidden from Field Marshall Goering when the Nazis occupied Paris in 1940 (the one used to make the infamous Hotel Ritz SideCar cocktail!!!

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