This Week We’ll be Studying the Holy Trinity:: L.A. Sunday School

Join LearnAboutWine for a special Sunday class bringing together three divine creations… wine, cheese and chocolate. You will explore the sensual contrasts and delights that each element brings to the experience — the crisp acidity, mouth-filling robustness or smooth viscosity of great wine; the sharp, subtly sweet or complexity of fine cheese; and the rich luxuriousness of superior chocolate ranging from creamy milk to intensely dark.

Sensation, history and passion — these three words sum up this class perfectly. From the finesse of Champagne and Santa Barbara Pinot Noir to the power of Napa ValleyCabernet, French Bordeaux and Italian Barolo, you will discover why great wines are made for great food. Farmhouse cheeses and artisan chocolates will enhance and complement the wines, and leave you with a greater understanding of how textures and flavors can come together in one heavenly experience.

Or maybe you’re into higher learning and would be interested in going to L.A.W. School?
Then check out Learning About Wine’s Summer School Credential Program for Consumers & Trade Professionals.

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