Our California Happy Cows Are Making Room For Our Happy Sturgeon: California Caviar

California caviar makers are following in the footsteps of sustainable agriculture by using only state-of-the-art housing and a top quality diet to ensure that the sturgeon are happy, comfy, and pampered to supply you with caviar that rivals the Caspian Sea’s finest. (Well, maybe not quite, but darn close. Plus, local is much less expensive & so much more P.C.)

When shopping for your New Year’s Eve roe, consider buying from either www.sterlingcaviar.com,www.tsarnicoulai.com. Both offer consistent quality,( many top American chefs are touting these) several different grades, and in the case of Tsar Nicoulai, some very unique flavors.

Bay Area Chef, Rolland Passot of La Folie, recently teamed up with Tsar to create “Chef’s Collection Passot Roe Infused Trout Caviars” which offers a choice of Vanilla, Kaffir Lime, or Brandy flavors. ( I’m still a fan for their oldie but goodie, Truffle flavor.)

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