Romance calls earnestly at Siren Floor in Hotel Raito


Pristine blue sky overhead, crystal clear blue sea bordering the front view and lush greenery all around its private area make this elegant and luxurious residence in Italy, Hotel Raito, one of the most prestigious hotels in Italy. It is situated along the Amalfi Coast at the mouth of the Gulf of Salerno. The private area of this five star hotel is surrounded by orchards of citrus fruits and the beautiful essence of these fruits blended in the salty atmosphere fills the rooms of this hotel to wake up guests in the morning. There are 77 accommodations in this hotel including standard, superior and deluxe suites and rooms. The Siren Floor of this hotel is a secluded area where the guests can enjoy their vacation in total privacy in a romantic atmosphere. The guests can only step into this area using an elevator. The suites here are beautified with soft romantic hues to reflect the elegance and sophistication for the discerning guests.


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