Columbus (Circle) Discovers Asiate :: New York City

Just trying to edit my “New Restaurants I Want to Try in New York” down to a single page was a near impossible task; let alone trying to pick the Top Ten, then trying to get reservations, then trying to get a cab in the rain. Well– you get the picture–IT WASN’T EASY! And I gotta admit,that with the horrible weather last week, I often wimped out and simply selected whichever was geographically desirable.

Thankfully, our first night’s dinner at >Asiate, 35 floors above Columbus Circle, was right before the storm hit so we were able to take in the crow’s nest views of Central Park. Although I adored chef Nori Sugie’s unique Caesar Salad Soup, and his Blue Cheese Souffle with red wine poached pear foam, most of the rest of the food was unbearably rich (the eel-topped fois gras terrine with black truffle was over-the-top,) or poorly executed, (his miso glazed salmon was a very poor imitation of Nobu’s), while the service was surprisingly unprofessional for a restaurant located in the Mandarin Oriental.

A much better idea would be to take in the marvelous view from the hotel’s handsome lounge next door while enjoying dessert and a glass of port.

Asiate | website
80 Columbus Circle

Posted by Janice Nieder on April 24, 2007 in Food, Travel

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