Enjoy a Savoring Dinner at Brass Latern Restaurant


The fine restaurant of Brass Latern Restaurant located in Aurora, Kentucky, is one of the most elegant and friendly restaurants near the Kentucky Lake. What attracts most people about this restaurant is that this restaurant features 5 special dining rooms with a capacity of accommodating at least 208 people at a time.

The Garden Room accommodates approx 80 people, 65 people can be seated in the Fireplace Room, the Front Room serves 30 people, 20 people for the Balcony Room and lastly the Pioneer Room can take in at least 18 people.

The Prime Rib is one of the specialties in Brass Latern Restaurant and for the foodies this dish tastes simply awesome and is roasted throughout the day to produce the unique sumptuous and mouthwatering taste. Boiled Lobster Tail and the lip smacking Pork Chops make a great combination for a dining experience. The roasted and charbroiled Pork Ribs is another dish most guests love to order.

While on a trip to Kentucky this year, do not miss out on a trip to Brass Latern Restaurant, serving you with the best of Kentucky.

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