150 carat first all-diamond ring from Swiss jewelry house – Shawish Jewelry


Diamond rings with a bright diamond set on a precious metallic band are quite common, but the world has now got its first all-diamond ring, which means the entire ring is made of diamond without any metallic touch in it anywhere! This is the most exclusive diamond ring the world has ever seen because there is no other diamond ring on earth with a diamond band.

Created by the renowned Swiss jewelry house, Shawish Jewelry, this exclusive piece is a copyrighted ornament weighing in at 150 carats. This ring has been designed and created by the CEO and president of this company, Mohamed Shawesh. He has used laser technology along with age-old techniques for cutting and polishing the diamond to bring out its brilliant luster and elegance. It took almost a year for him to carve this piece of jewelry. With so much creativity and exclusivity spreaded all over it, this ring is valued at an amazing price of $70 million.

Via www.shawish-jewellery.com

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