Mouthwatering, 100% Thai Steak, Dry Aged For 28 Days: Bangkok

You might ask, “Why come all the way to Thailand to eat steak?�? — especially when there are so many tempting Thai delicacies being offered. The reason is that these steaks are home bred at Chokchai Farm, and they have all gone through the ‘dry aging process’.

This process makes your steak extremely succulent and tender with a richer juicy beef flavour. The quality is extremely impressive and although steak is renowned as a staple form of Western food, local Thai people are successfully using the technique. Plus, because they’re delivered at such a high standard, they truly deserve an honor of “True Fusion Flavour of Thailand.�?

A: Sukumvit 23, Bangkok, Thailand
T: 0225995967
H: 10am-10pm every day

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