Masa Sushi Bar – Enjoy the Exotic Sushi delicacies

Are you looking for a place where you will get exotic sushi delicacies? Then in my opinion try Masa’s Sushi Bar at the Time Warner Center. You have to pay $300 each for the chef’s special lunch or dinner. It has only 26 seats, therefore, you need to reserve your seats prior to your visit.

Masa Takayama, the chef himself works behind the bar to produce some of the exotic recipes. The décor of the restaurant is par excellence and creates an elegant Japanese ambience to make your experience of the meal become fantastic. At Masa, the cooking appliances are presented with each dish in a chef’s designed lacquered porcelain pot. The pieces are presented singly, like small works of art, framed on a round palette of black slate.

The restaurant has two mini dining rooms and chef with his dedicated team working in a bar. The menu here changes seasonally. I think, the place is worth a visit!


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