Dinner served by a robot waiter at Hajime Restaurant


Sit and relish a Japanese dinner tonight at Hajime Restaurant, an exceptional restaurant in Bangkok. With an eye soothing interior decoration, an expertise combination of grey and dark brown color with flecks of yellow and white shades fills the entire dining area. As a guest enters this restaurant, the person will not find any human waiter to order the menu, which is the most amazing part of this eating hub. Robots are there to serve guests with their orders at the respective table and to entertain diners with Asian music. Authentic Japanese cuisine is displayed on the computerized menu card set in each of the tables where guests can directly order their food. As soon as the order is over, the robots start entertaining the diners and then start serving the ordered items. A 2 hour 40 minutes buffet is offered with a wide collection of various meat preparations, vegetable items and unlimited drinks. This is the perfect family restaurant as the children are highly entertained by the robots here.

Via bk.asia-city.com

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