Menu Prices Drop in Masa

Each one of us has different terms to describe the word discount. Now the newest news from the dining department is that Masa in Manhattan has dropped its menu price. This place is known as the shrine of costly sushi. The cost of dining over here has gone down from $450 to $400. That is for a set menu. Many people will think that this reduction is not very significant but the fact is that this is the very first time that this Michelin-starred restaurant located at the Time Warner Center has slashed its prices. Don’t you think that makes it worthy of notice?

Veda Nishikawa, the business manager of Masa told Ryan Sutton of Blomberg that the price drop was not at all a result of the current recession. It was not connected with it in any way. There was reduction on charges of flight which brought fresh fish to Masa daily and that resulted in the cut in menu price.


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