KFC Comes to Hanoi, Vietnam

Kentucky Fried Chicken has arrived at the Communist heartland. Before I left on a month’s sojourn in Australia, the only thing in Hanoi resembling a multinational chain of food and beverages was the string of Highlands Coffee Shops (generally described as the local version of Starbucks) that have sprouted up all over town.

But now I have arrived back to discover that KFC has muscled its way in. Why anyone who has access to tasty Vietnamese food would want to eat fried chicken is beyond me. I also wonder how KFC will fare during regular absences of chicken meat due to avian flu, but I guess that’s not my problem.

However if you are keen to try it out, you’ll find the Hanoi KFC in Huynh Thuc Khanh Street in Dong Da district, not too far from Dong Da Lake. Bon appetite!

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