Mediterranean sunlight colors the Surmeli Hotel


Surmeli Hotel Adana is situated in the heart of the traditional city of Adana in Turkey where the bright Mediterranean sunlight kisses the city atmosphere and rejuvenates the guests to explore the world of culture and commerce of the area. The grand hotel houses 159 highly decorated havens where comfort and luxury excels the desire of the guests and pampers them with the highest standards of comfort. The accommodations include 84 Superior single-bed and 64 Superior double-bed rooms with 4 junior and 5 senior exquisite and lavish suites. The most significant and heartfelt feature of the hotel is that it provides 2 special superior rooms designed for the disabled where all the amenities have also been designed according to their requirements. The Executive Suite is the most distinctive one among all the havens, which extends over 85m2 and is adorned with light sensitive curtains to give a dreamy appearance to the room. The decoration is so simple but elegant that it reveals the sophistication of the environment where the color of the furniture matches with the colors of the walls.


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  1. Surmeli Hotel Adana looks like a beautifully presented and carefully equipped hotel in which guests are sure to feel relaxed and at home. Light sensitive curtains give that extra taste of luxury.

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