Making Threads from Retreads: Trashformations, COPIA, Napa, CA

Most countries are more environmentally friendly than the US. After all, we produce 50% of the world’s solid waste with only 5% of the population. This exhibition called “Trashformations” at Napa’s COPIA — the American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts — showcases the works of 112 artists who have made:
• Lingerie out of soda cans (watch out for the pop-tops),
• A roadrunner from recycled kitchen utensils (beep-beep),
• A teapot from tea bags (kind of like the chicken or the egg quandary),
• A dress out of bicycle tires (threads from retreads),
• And many more unusual art objects.

It all goes to show you that one person’s trash is another person’s art. The exhibition runs from January 20 – May 8. Read more.

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