Luxury Resorts – A Way to Enjoy Vacation!


Vacation is perhaps the best time to unwind and relax. While some choose to spend it without incurring heavy costs, others prefer doing it in the most luxurious way possible. If you are looking for an extravagant holiday, then one of the finest ways to do that is to opt for exotic resorts and islands. One such destination is Sky Villa, The Palms Fantasy Suites Hotel in Las Vegas.

This hotel offers a combination of terrace, swimming pool and drawing room suites. Bridge Suite in Paradise Island Bahamas gives you the pleasure of enjoying both the Atlantic view and a luxury suite. A one night’s stay in this suite will cost you nearly $25000. The Royal Penthouse in Geneva also offers you the facility of a private lift and is one of the finest locations to be in, if you are in Switzerland. The Grand Wailea Resort in Hawaii will charge you $15000 for a night’s stay in one of their suites.


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