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Buon Viaggio :: Gay Couples Tuscany Tour, Italy

I wanted to let you know about Chef Tom Herndon’s next trip to Tuscany. This one is pretty special because it will not be about food this time – it will be about relationships, his other passion.

It’s called Buon Viaggio {“Good Journey�?} and will be for gay couples who’d like to invigorate their partnerships. It will take place March 24 to April 4, 2008 in Siena, Florence and the surrounding hill towns.

Tom’s good friends Adam and Stephen, who have been partners for over 20 years, will lead an intimate, humorous, and thoughtful conversation about the mysteries and rewards of being in a relationship as gay men… for the long term. They’ve conducted this conversation dozens of times, and learned that many of the participants leave feeling more connected with their partner, or, if they’re not in a relationship, better able to think about the relationship they’re looking for. This conversation will be the centerpiece of this trip.

The trip is designed for eight couples, who can be either partners or friends. Highlights of the itinerary include:

• A week sharing a private, 1700s villa outside of Siena

• A day at a local spa in a former Medici palace

• A gay-friendly walking tour of Siena

• Bicycling through the Chianti Valley and exploring the hill towns of Tuscany

• Two nights in Florence

• A walking tour of the gay history of Firenze

If you know of any couples who love to travel and might be interested, please send them along to Chef Tom’s website: www.spiritandspice.com and click on Buon Viaggio. All the pricing and terms and registration information is there.

Whoever in the SF area who is first to connect Tom with a couple that registers with their deposit will receive a week’s worth of cooking from Full Fridge!

Tom Herndon
Personal Chef

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