Power Surge: Get Plugged in at Toronto’s Newest Hip Hotel, The Cosmopolitan

You may not believe in the concept of energy choreography, but the bets are on you might feel its benefits if you stayed at Toronto’s latest designer hotel, the Cosmopolitan.

Sylvia Noble, energy consultant to stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ron Howard, is the woman behind the cosmic circuitry of the 97-suite hotel, which opened in June. Her recommendations resulted in floor to ceiling windows for “light energy,” deep brown and slate features to “ground the energy” and soft blue accents to “calm the energy.”

But that’s not all. Each suite has a natural seven-foot tall gemstone fountain to encourage “open-eye” meditation and even the toiletries are Noble-designed, a line called Gemstone Essence. Other elements of energy-shifting import? Number of swinging doors on each floor and quantity of live bamboo plants in each room. Even the address, 8 Colborne Street, was picked for its auspicious number.

If this sounds like a lot of hooey, the suites (prices range from $179-$419 CAD) are still warmly inviting with flat-screen TVs, free wireless internet and local calls, Sony Dream Machines, air purifiers, full kitchens and washer/dryers. Plus there’s the Shizen Spa and Solarium with its 12-person Jacuzzi and the lobby lounge bar Doku 15 featuring 15 specialty saki-tinis.

However you like to power up, or down, looks like the Cosmo has it covered.

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