Luxe camping at Rockerfeller’s lodge::The Point, pt 2

By now we were more than ready to tuck into some of this wonderful edibles and
potables. As we stepped aboard the classic 33ft. mahogany Hackercraft, Megan called over her shoulder, ” I thought I’d take you for a spin around the Lake while you enjoy the special lunch Chef prepared. ”
After more Champers, a divine Caesar salad with shaved truffles, a perfect slice of rare entrecote and a zesty lemon soufflé finish, we were ready with more questions.

“Which is your favorite season here?” Sis asked.

“I love them all,” Megan answered, “and I’m truly not just spouting the party line. In fall, the air is so crisp, the leaves are amazing, and it’s a great time for hiking, biking, bonfires and boating. In winter, we cross country ski, toboggan, snowshoe and enjoy games like darts, pool, and checkers. We even have a puzzle competition! I usually suggest spending one night cuddled up in your room with dinner brought in, enjoying a crackling fire followed by a massage. In warm weather we fish, a staff member will take guests out on a private outboard to catch, then cook fresh bass, pike or trout. We picnic on our private island, water ski, play tennis or golf, maybe go for an evening cocktail cruise and watch the sunset. You just name it and it’s our pleasure to provide it. ”

I asked Buddy his numbero uno fave. He rolled his eyes as if to communicate,
“Here, it’s all good.”

Too soon we were back. I mentioned to Megan that I had three girlfriends looking
to celebrate a big birthday next year. What would she suggest?

Her eyes lit up. “You just tell me when, and I’ll take care of everything.We can do Pajama Night and the girls can eat in cozy flannels, watch an old movie, sing
around the piano, cook, gossip laugh and catch up. Next day I’ll have Chef
prepare a gourmet picnic, I’ll take them on a breathtakingly beautiful hike,
then naptime or more outdoor activities. Later, we’ll meet in the Great Hall
for an elegant seven course dinner- this may even turn into an annual getaway!

I whisper to sis,” Wow-sounds great.”

She says -sotto voce- back to me, ” I know, but how much does it cost?”

Megan, or maybe it was Buddy, had sharp ears because, not missing a beat,
Megan informs us that everything at The Point is included. Beginning at
$1200 for two per night it may not be a steal, but I did the math, and it certainly
is fair. Add up the cost for superior lodging, boat rental, ski rental, hiking guide,
eating like a Queen while drinking like a Fish, plus no pre-determined check in
check out time plus an easy possibility of 5 delish meals and suddenly, it’s
not so bad.

“Big Bill” Rockefeller apparently was a guy who knew how to party. His idea
of “camping” seems perfect to me. We told Megan to keep a light on for us.
She smiled, Buddy gave a woof woof and we all said goodbye for now.

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  1. lol started to read part two and it was so interesting that now I have to go backwards in the story and read the first part also, you are certainly a great writer, thanks for sharing this couple of interesting posts

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