Whole Lotta Biscotti Going On :: Lotta’s Bakery, San Francisco

Earl Darny, one of San Francisco’s finest master bakers, after performing his magic at many of the Bay Area’s finest, such as Bay Wolf, Sweet Adeline, etc., finally opened his own bakery on Polk Street. He does all his own baking on site, so if the visuals of the homey pastries,cakes, pies , and cookies don’t corrupt you, one sniff of the cinnamony/vanilla scented air will have you yelling “uncle.” And, no matter what you buy to eat immediately, you will be sorry if you don’t pick up some of his incredible biscottis for your afternoon treat.

But the best news is (and this is hot off the oven) is that if you place a special order, Earl will make you a Blum’s Coffee Crunch Cake!!!!!!

This famous San Francisco confection had more fans than Tiger Woods before they closed their doors many sad years ago. In case you were never blessed by a taste, it was described as:

“A light sponge cake with just a hint of lemon and vanilla, it had rich heavy whipped cream spread thinly between the layers and on the sides and top; it was covered with crushed bittersweet coffee crunch candy.”

Betcha’ can’t eat just one…(piece or cake!)

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