Be a member of the cottage colony at Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa


Escape into the lap of the nature where nature will welcome guests with its arms outstretched to enjoy the tranquility of the atmosphere in this 30 acre private area on the peninsula of western Bermuda, where the ocean water soothes the cottages of the Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa Bermuda. The cottage colony resort consists of 94 cozy private cottages, which are classified as lavish rooms and spacious exclusive suites, and are scattered over the five private beaches. Each of these accommodations is decorated in different styles and designs to pamper guests in unique ways. The chic and sensual vibe of the havens along with the wonderful panoramas of the surrounding Atlantic Ocean creates an amazing atmosphere for the guests. Apart from the luxurious rooms, the suites, starting from Cambridge Suites to the Pool suites, offer the beauty of lush greenery with majestic water views of the ocean and the pool. The cottages are specially embellished to create a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere and the theme of each cottage is totally different from one another.


Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on August 25, 2011 in Travel

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