Glide with a Guide on Segway Tours

The idea of taking a walking tour without walking might seem odd. But many companies are now offering tours using Segway scooters.

The company that claims to be the first to offer guided tours using Segway is City Segway Tours. The company offers tours using the electrical scooters in Washington, DC; Vienna; Paris; Chicago; New Orleans and Atlanta. For example, in Washington, DC, they offer four-hour day tours and night tours of the city.

Scenic Segways offers park and historic Segway tours in Utah and Nevada. One place people can visit is Snow Canyon State Park. “Gliding along silently on a Segway provides you with the ability to get a closer look at the natural inhabitants of the park,�? explains the company’s website.

If you want to get even farther off the beaten path, try Thailand Segway Tours. Their Bangkok Backroads Segway Tour takes visitors past a variety of shops and a Chinese temple. Some of the companies include instruction in the price of the tour. Others, such as Thailand Segway Tours, offer short lessons on how to use the scooter for an additional charge.

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  1. Ingrid:
    Great story about Segways. By the way, I was almost run down by a gaggle of Segwayers on the Mall in Washington, DC. These things fly!

  2. Hey Ingrid.

    Been keeping up on your blog – hilarious and informative – a nice mix here. Just wanted to let oyu know about another Segway tour option at Capital Segway in Washington, DC. Not only are we the only licensed dealer in the metro DC area, we also run 2-hour guided tours at 4 different times during the day. Hope all is well!

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